The most original book title ever

My initial plan was to make a book from my trip to LA and just have it home. For people that come by to check it out.... Yeah, people don't really come by anymore. Everyone is just chilling at home scrolling Instagram so I thought that people might watch the book if they bought it themselves? I'm mainly putting a price on the book because it's expensive AF to make one, if it was really cheap I would probably have handed out more and given some away. But you really don't want to know how much I bought the first book for... I'ts stupid! 

But I'm working on my shop and will post more products there the coming days, weeks, months, years! It will be something new all the time and I will start to share more work than just keep it on the computer. I want to see photography on the walls of peoples home etc. 

 Check the  Shop  to get the book :)

Check the Shop to get the book :)